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Rooibos Natural (20 sachets x 2.5g)

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Natural Range

This rooibos tea is as clear and bright as the African sun it grew beneath. Naturally low in tannins and caffeine-free African Dawn Estate Rooibos is a refreshing, natural alternative to tea. Have you discovered its secret?

The Rooibos Process 

The superb taste that lovers of African Dawn Rooibos enjoy, celebrates the end of a long journey - a journey that originates in the fertile soil of Groenkol Rooibos Tea Estate in the Clanwilliam region, and through carefull preparation finds completion in your cup. All along this journey, quality travels as a faithful companion

 Our Product Range 

The name African Dawn originated from our love for Africa. We blend all that Africa has to offer into one cup of tea. Blend of peacefulness, beauty of the wild and the powerful plant of rooibos. Come and sip our exquisite rooibos teas, as you greet the dawn of a brand new day. Generations of this family run business have devoted every new harvest to extracting the ultimate Rooibos flavour in an exquisaite blend of soil, sun and water. So no-one knows better what flavours complement their brew. Some are tried and trusted. Some more surprising. But all approved by a family that know harmony when they taste it.

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